Energy management




Electronics manufacturing


The process control devices and systems which are developed by our employees and manufactured in our electronics manufacture can be found at several utility providers and domestic railway companies.

Traditionally we make substation data concentrator devices (RTU) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems for the electrical industry (MAVIR and energy supplier companies). We developed the traction power supply control (FET) for railways using our knowledge gained in the electrical industry. As a result of several years of development we created our own remote control system for relay interlockings (Elpult), which contains the relay signalling control, the central traffic control (KÖFE/KÖFI) and the subsystems of these components (switch-point heating system, train sensors, etc.). Our further development is the on-board computer (MFB) found on all domestic trains and locomotives, which is the essential asset of the operation of the entire railway fleet nowadays. We have significant competency in the area of the highest safety level development (SIL4). One of our generic product, called ProSigma is based on the 2 out of 3 safety architecture. The different application development of ProSigma provides new and modern product range.

The railway automation and the energy management are two independent departments. The latter has its traditional products, the radio ripple control receiver (RRCR) and the ripple control receiver (RCR), which devices are parts of the tariff and load control systems installed at the consumers. We also sell them for German energy supplier companies. Our continuous development goals are to have a wide product range meeting the demands of intelligent networks. These are: devices which are able to monitor the low voltage networks: automatic meter reading (AMR), local data collection and process (C-RTU). Relay devices (Steuerbox) requested by German suppliers street- and decorative lighting remote management system (Eclipse)

The traditional company culture, the inspirational and collegial atmosphere are essential factors to our success.